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Default Arrow Question

Has anyone shot Victory arrows. The standard version not the HV. I'm looking at a dozen and like them so far. I think I'm getting a good deal at $70 shipped to Canada foir bare shaft.
Any opinions??????
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I cant help you I never heard of them. Just look at there specs and make sure they have descent tolerance. Let us know how you like them.
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I use to shoot Carbon Express Terminator Hunters, then went to Terminator Light Hunters. Now I shoot Carbon Express Maxima 350 with the weight forward and love them! But, I am considering changing again to the Gold Tip Ultra Lights to get back 16 feet per second. Right now with my Maximas I am shooting 403 grains (including 100 gr tips). I would get down to 350 gr including 100 gr tip and still maintain a proper spine.
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GWH, I shoot GT ultra lights pro s for 3-d they fly great and fast. But if your going to use them for hunting I would not, they break easy.
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