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Default pros&cons

Im think of buying a new bow and was wondering the pros and cons first a hoyt katera xt or a bowtech 101st airborne.I have a 29in draw and been shooting 70lbs.any input would be great!
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I think your best bet would be to shoot both and see which one you like. Look at the specs too, which I'll assume you already have. I don't think you could go wrong with either choice.
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The best thing you can do it shoot them both and decide what right for you. Personally I think the Katera is a much nicer bow. I am currently shooting it and absolutely love it. In fact I like it that much we just named Holly's new kitten Katera. The Katera is very smoooooooooooooth, fast, and very forgiving! It is a short brace height but it doesnt shoot like a short brace bow. I shot bowtechs and they just aint the bow for me. Dont get me wrong they make a good bow. But I always felt their draw cycle is way to harsh. Just my .02.....
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Shoot'em both. That's the best way to tell.
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Don't rule out Diamond bows. They are made by Bowtech and are Bowtech's single cam lineup. The Marquis is an exquisite bow and so is the Black Ice. I shoot a 70# Black Ice. Best bow I've shot. 3.6 lbs. 32" ATA. FAST, Quiet, Smooth.

Make sure you shoot before you buy. Buying a bow is like buying shoes (The should be comfortable the first time you try them on).
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Don't rule out Mathews bows too. And in my opinion don't get hung up in the hype that a faster is better.
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