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Old 06-25-2008, 10:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Owaatta' View Post
I moved my draw length from 29.5 to 29, as Monie suggested in another post. On my particular bow all it takes is one little screw and an adjustment. I shot the arrows cut for my original draw length and the point of impact has changed not one bit. Monie, you were right, the shorter draw length is much more forgiving. I may even try 28.5, but 29 feels good.
That's awesome, Owaatta'!!

If all it takes to adjust your draw is a screw, by all means take it to 28.5 and see how it feels.

I hope the change has made your shoulder feel better.
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Old 06-25-2008, 11:19 PM
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My $.02...

I have a torn left rotator cuff injury. So far the meds I've taken are doing ok, but some days drawing the bow is murderous-painful.

My draw is 29". Now... the guy I work with at Basspro set me at 28". Screw that... I'm a male and 28" is wussy territory right. 29" will do.

So I dink around at 29" for a while. Well... one day I decide I'm pulling the bow ok... Screw this 58 pound draw stuff... I'm going to max it out. So... out with the 58#, in with the 62#.

Ok why say all this stuff? I believe I've already answered that question...
See... I now have a torn rotator cuff. Guess where my bow is set?

28" and 55#... just like I was told to have it in the first place.

I was shooting Beman Hunter ICS 350's that had never been cut. 32" shafts. I got to where I was shooting a nice tight group too. Then something went haywire with my bow and I went through 2 boxes of shafts trying to straighten it out. We got it straightened out, but not until I got so mad that I trashed the Bemans. Turns out that even at 32" or what every they come out of the box at, they would probably have flown fine even with a 28" draw at 55#.

I'm with Monie on this one. Stay at 29" and don't cut the shafts.

By the way... guess who I went to when I went through my latest growing pains in the archery world.

You guessed it. Monie. My good friend Kevin helped out too, and he may pop in here and drop a pearl or 2 as well. GreatWhiteHunter I mean.

Heck just about everybody here walked me and mine though all of our issues, and still do to a certain extent. They are awesome!
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