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Default ?? Editing and our New Video??

My brother and me just got a new Canon XH-A1 HD video camera back in March to start videoing our Spring turkey season and our 08 waterfowl season. We got about 12 to 13 hours of film this year including 13 kill shots and 3 or 4 hunts where we should have shot or we scared the bird off. Out of all of use will killed 20 birds in Oklahoma and Kansas.

What I am wanting to now is where or who do we need to talk to about getting our video edited? I am trying to edit it myself right now. But its not the easiest thing to do. A guy told me you have to have a licence to use any tunes or song??Was wondering if that is right.

Also is there any demand for guys like us in the hunting industry that where rasied up in the country and hunting and fishing is a way of life. And if so where would I look for them online?

Heres some pics of our season.
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Most if not all music is copyrighted!

If you use it without permission your looking at a possible lawsuit.
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Welcome, Dust!

Editing can be a pain! You can try googling for an editor in your area. Other than that...I couldn't tell ya. Sorry.

YorkArcher is right about the music...major lawsuit!
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Try this


he is good and it won't cost you a arm and a leg

Have a good bowhunt
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Default Video Editing

Checkout the Macrosystem.us.com web site. The editors are really easy to edit with. Talk with Chet Davis, head of marketing he will get you on the road to editing yourself. Which is a better deal than someone else doing the editing. I have used the Casablanca editors for 10 or 11 years.
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