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Default camera thiefs

A couple weeks ago my Moultrie camera was stolen from a ridge top out in the middle of nowhere. Has anybody got any suggestions on how to keep this from happening?
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thats to bad that has to happen,I got mine laged bolted to a tree,they would have to have a socket to get it off.

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the problem with mine is that is there no room to do anything to secure it, maybe that lag-bolt thing might work...thanks....
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Luckily I haven't been a victim yet...when Bull had one of his taken, I don't think they got it w/o breaking it bc he had it screwed to the tree.
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Default Just wondering...

Does anyone make a camera with a locator embedded in it somehow? If not then why not since this seems to be a common problem. If they can make a cam that you can check live from the comfort of your own home then surely they can make one you can track and log it's position from home as well.
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I think someone will soon come out with one. Man I would love to be able to trace it to someones house. I think I would have some fun!
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Never had one stolen, I keep two cable locks on mine, but if someone wanted the cam they ain't going to stop them.
Had a friend get a couple cams stolen, he had an idea who got one and went a knocking on there door and they ended up handing it over.

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