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1ST Sledge great post!!!!!!!!
2nd I am so proud of everyone on here agreeing with the motto just hunt no matter what weapon of choice. I belong to numerous forums and I guarantee with in the first day of the thread it would be locked or deleted. Thats why I love being on here day after day. You guys are great and thanks for being here! Love you guys!!!!!

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Originally Posted by YorkArcher View Post

I know if something happened and I couldn't draw a bow I would be on my way to Cabelas to buy one tonight!!!!


I live in Felton, just south of Red Lion
Felton-we are practically neighbors!
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Wink Crossbow Feedback

Thanks for the welcome! I love the sport of archery, ever since I was a kid I have been shooting some kind of bow. My father had a crosbow back then as well because he had the use of only one arm, but don't tell him that. His crossbow was nothing like the ones out there today! My point is this, it is all archery, and if the the Good Old Boys over at the Pope & Young Club (just 35 miles from me) continue in their propaganda to convince the archery clubs across the country that a crossbow is not an archery product and that it has no place in an archery season. This is just wrong! I had a lot a respect for the P&YC, but they have crossed a line here, and one they should have never been on in the first place.
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Yes, welcome Sledge! And, yes I would also hunt with a crossbow if I had one occasionally. I hunt with my compound bow both during normal seasons year round on hogs. Crossbows are pretty darn cool though. I've never shot one but I've admired many.
Warm regards,


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Default crossbows ...

I full agree with the answers in this thread. Crossbows have there place as an archery weapon. I've used one successfuly for four years now.mostly on whitetails. I have been shooting compound bow in the back yard for a couple seasons now and am going to make the switch for hunting with them. Just have to make up my mind what compoundbow to buy ( blackice by diamond is one thats caught me eye)
Like any weapon you use practise is a must.
If there's a down side it's the weight and also the stealth (keep your shots within ethical range for a clean kill)

Good hunting
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