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Hey Buck! Great pics on the deer and bear.

Man, you've got a thang for 45s. Can't say as I blame ya though. It's one of the best defensive rounds ever made, in MY opinion. Concealble, controllable, accurate and shoots flying coffee cups!
He took me!
Thanks Dad.
Wish you were here.

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You think all thats cool, you ought to see my long gun collection....lol...
I am suprised my wife puts up with me...lol...well I guess since I am always packing "heat" she probably knows better and has no other choice....lol....
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Very nice!!!

I bet your happy to see the recent court ruling on the 2nd amendment!!!!
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Cool handguns

Originally Posted by HuntnMa View Post
didnt know where to post this so i'm posting it here....
I want to get a handgun...I just don't know which one....
I've only shot a 9mm and a 357, both too big to be in my pocket,lol...i was thinking of something flat,small, but fierce.....any ideas?

i carry a glock 40 cal for protection in the woods or anywhere else for that matter, but when hunting with a pistal i always carry my 357. way more range and knock down power. it is heavier, but when you hit your target you know its going down.
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