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Default Anyone else?

Thinking about next spring? I love the fall for deer and turkey hunting but I sure wont be disappointed when its next spring turkey season. Hopefully I will be able to swing some out of state hunts. I sure missed that this year.
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But I have to admit I'm looking forward to Sept. for Deer. Got me a couple stands that need hung and then I'm off to get my first Bow Kill!

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I'm looking forward to it already also, we're having our first fall hunt this year so really looking forward to giving that a go.
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I still have a fall hunt to look forward to, we have both Spring and Fall hunts. Unfortunately, I only had one day to get out this Spring and I really enjoyed it while it lasted so I definately am psyched for the Fall hunting.
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I'm always thinking about Spring, hoping for my first fall gobbler though.....I'm already getting my deer hunting stuff together...bought another summit today, just have to find the right location to hang it...i'll 2 climbers(one at each w.m.a. i hunt) and at least 4 ladders out come season....woohoooo
Happy Huntin' to all
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heck I've got to get through the fall first. I love bow hunting for whitetails during the fall season. Then I've got to do alittle icefishing, then I'll worry about the spring turkey season at that point.

Not sure of how much I'll get to do as my wife is expecting our second child this coming October. I' have already cancelled my moose hunting plans this year.

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come on october 1st.......deer...deer...deer!!!!!!!!!!!! I have SWD, and I love it!!
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