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Default Nice buck for May!

I saw a good onne on my way home from work this morning. He was in the 16-18 inch wide range. He had 6 points already and his brow tines were huge! Hopefully he comes a little close to my hunting grounds this October.
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that big already?I saw a mully the other morning but all he had was a couple stumps.

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Haven't seen anything really big here as of yet but the cameras will be going out in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully will start getting some good picture after that.

Last year the very last day that I turkey hunted I seen three bucks cross a field 250 yards away and the first two you had no trouble seeing horn on and the last one you could just make them out. Place a trail cam there with a salt block and it wasn't till the 10 of August that I got the first big buck on film there. A large 8 pointer with 2 kickers I'm sure that he had been one of the ones that I seen in May but never seen anything else that I'd have said would have been the other two.

Only time will till what will come from the upcoming season.

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That should be a porker!!! Hopefully one of us gets a crack at him....c'mon fall!
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Wow sounds like a dandy! My dad said he saw some urban bucks the one day and the one already had his main beams and tines were coming.
Com On Deer Season!
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Main beam already?? What the heck?? Stupid Global Warming!
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I haven't checked my trail cams yet, but here is a pic off a fellers trail cam. They are growing pretty fast here in Ga.

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