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Default Bear Photo's

Here's some more photo's hope you like them also have some tips below.

Here's some tips that will help bring in the bears. I have used these while guiding and they really do increase your chances for bears. I have seen bear rolling around in these scents.

1. I use burlap cut into 1foot by 2 feet long strips, about 6 for each bait site or use blue shop towels as they hold together better than paper towels. Obtain some used restaurant deep fryer greese. ( or collect old bacon greese over the winter)The best stuff is from a place like KFC or Chicken delight (somewhere where they fry breaded chicken) it's usually a very dark liquid greese.
Just before hunting or when baiting.
Heat up about 2 litres of this by boiling it outside (BBQ with side burner or propane turkey fryer cooker). Place all the strips in a THICK plactic pail and pour in the hot greese and stir the rags around and seal with a lid.
Take with you hunting or baiting and hang the rags around your bait site about 50 yards all around you site 10 feet high or more. Hang one over your bait barrel as well. Pour any remaining liquid on the Barrel.

2. At Walmart or other big store buy those 90 cent air fresheners. Get vanilla, berry, strawberry, they are cone shaped and twist up with a gell inside. I take them out to the bait site and hang 4 up around the site about 50-75 yards out just twist open tie a string around the gell part and hang about 10 feet of the ground. I also put one next to me on the stand as a cover scent. These last for 2 weeks in the bush and are inexpensive.

3. Liquid scents- Buy a commercial liquid scent Anise, vanilla, berry, shellfish etc. What ever brand you like. I personally use (don't laugh as this works!!!!) womens body spray (again Walmart- It's called MARSHMALLOW OR COTTON CANDY 8 OZ BOTTLE) I picked up this tip from a female guide.
Take a roll of papertowels or toilet paper and all around your bait site put wads of the paper in trees and spray the wads with the scent, soaking it.
I even put one where I want the bear to stand for a good shot placement. You can spray it on you boots when baiting creating a scent trail. Or make a drag line with it. Just don't wear the same boots in the stand unless you want a furry visitor climbing your tree.

4. Scent sticks. You can buy commercial ones or simply buy Strawberry or berry incense sticks at a dollar store. They don't last as long but they work . Just before you get in your stand light several up around the bait area.

5. Honey Burn- This is the most effective way to get bears in from long distances with scent. You will need a large metal coffee can. Punch two holes near the lid on either side and run some string through to be able to hang it up. Put in the can a cup of white sugar, 1/2 cup brown sugar, 3 table spoons of honey, 2 tablespoons of cinnimon or nutmeg sometimes I put in a couple of chopped up pieces of bacon fat and 2 teaspoons of water. Mix it up and put on a lid.
You will need a hand held porpane torch- they are inexpensive.
At your bait site take the lid off the can hang off a limb and light the torch. Place flame at bottom of the can and hold there. After a couple of minutes you will see huge plumes of white smoke coming out like a smoke bomb. Burn in one area of your bait site for 5 minutes and then sir the mixture and move to a different area around the bait site and burn again as wind direction may differ from one location to another.
I have had bears coming in like they were on a leash with this method.
The smoke goes out for miles and sticks to the trees.
I usually get about 12 burns per can and then have to make another can. Leave the old can at the bait site as the mixture will be rock hard candy and you won't get it out unless you have a hammer. The squirrels will clean out the can so you can reuse it.

6. Beaver!!!! is an outfitters gold, it's a natural food source, the guts smell terrible which makes a great bait. If you are allowed to use it hang it up high or nail it to a tree at you site. Drag it all over your site.

7. Tester bait buckets- for first time baiting in a new area where you belive bear are. You will need a 5 gallon bucket fill with old meats, fish, beaver, anything that will stink. Seal it and put it in a black garbage bag and let it sit in the sun for several weeks. Take it to your bait area and cut 2 inch holes all around the bucket. Take a rope tie it to the handle and hang off a limb about 8 feet off the 7 feet off the ground. Use some of the other methods listed above to get the bear to hit. Once hit you can begin to set up a bait site.

8. Greese the trails: If you are getting a hit and can see some good trails. take a 5 gallon pail of the old stinky fryer greese and walk some of the trails while pouring some oft he greese on the trails. This will get all over the bears paws and fur and when he roams out for miles he actually creates a nice scent trail for other bears to follow.

9. Take a pair of new panty hose -cut the legs off and at your bait site stuff old hambuger meat or rotten chicken in the legs and tie over you bait site. Makes for great entertainment as the bear tries to get the meat and the panty hose stretches the more he pulls on it.

10. Remember in baiting to use small chunks of bait so the bear has to either stay to eat or has to come back over and over. Oats and molassis work great. There are a couple of kinds of molassis sugar cane and sugar beet. If you can get sugar beet it smells stronger and can be used as a scent attractant.

These are just some of the things I use when hunting for myself or guiding. A good guide should prepare a bait site for you just like he would if he was hunting. Putting bait in a bucket and dumping it on site is easy. It's all these other tips and tricks a guide does that makes for an great hunting experience.
I hope these tips help you in harvesting your next trophy.

Bear guide Murph
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Default More trail cam photo's

Here's a few more
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