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Default Indiana gobbler DOWN

Friday I filled the last of my turkey tags that I held for this year, bringing a total of 4 gobblers down. Only one tag didn't get filled.
What a hunt (I think Firediver is going to post photos for me one last time---thanks FD, I appreciate it)
This hunt took place in northern Indiana. I was asked by NWTF to take the director of communications of Sportsman's Channel on her first turkey hunt and what a hunt we had. I teamed up with Raghorn's Wild Adventures TV show which is based out of Indiana and we hunted with them. Two cameramen and two ladies, one of the cameramen had a tag to fill also. The morning started off late, and we got to the woods the birds were already talking and it was light. Me and my camerman went on one side of the road, michelle and her cameraman went on the other. Within 10 mins of my setup, my guy whispers, two gobblers coming down the lane. I couldn't see them because of the setup. Finally they appeared and skirted the edge of the field as they wanted nothing to do with the decoy. I shot the the bigger gobbler at 38 yrds while he was walking away. Dropped him! Caught it on film as well. 10.5 inch beard, one inch spurs. Then to make it even better as we were standing and preparing to do some cut aways, we watched with our binos as Michelle and her cameraman had a tom strutting on the otherside of the road, about 1/4 miles away.I was so excited that she was getting to watch a gobbler strut on her first turkey hunt. BAM! We heard and shot and got really excited that Michelle killed her bird. What we didn't know was the cameraman shot at the same time and had a bird down as well. We all joined up and did some film work, then headed to the check station and on to breakfast. What a hunt, 1-2-3 birds down in less than 30 mins. But better than that, we have another turkey hunter now because of this awesome experience. Of course I assured her that it doesn't always go like this, but boy when it does it is SWEET!
So Iam finished for the year!
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Congrats on a fine bird! And thanks for getting a new turkey hunter out in the woods.
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Congrats....that is awesome!!!!!!!!!
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You can't get a more Awesome Morning than that!! Way To Go to you and the others!
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Yes Congrats !
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Congrats...awesome job!
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