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Default love it even if i'm not the shooter

Went out last Tues. with an uncle and a friend to do some calling for them, got in the bush just as 2 bird's started to sound off, went another 70 yrd's and asked if they wanted to try and kill this bird over the field or stay in the bush. They voted on bush so I setup a hen decoy 20 yrd's from where I was gonna sit and sent 1 of them 30 yrd's from there to watch over the lane and the other sat 6 yrds from me watching 2 other spots I thought he might come through. Started calling to the bird softly while on the roost still and within afew min's he was on the ground and game on. Ended up going to our friend and he put him down at 39 yrd's at about 6:20 his first of the year.
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Made it out again on Sat. to try and tag my son into a bird with nothing sounding off on the roost and having a hen come into about 50 yrd's on our first setup. Made a move to the exact same spot where I shot my 2'nd tom and placed him in the same spot I sat when I shot him. Called aggressively for about 20 min's before getting our first gobble and it took about a half hr for the tom to finally show himself at about 50 yrds, kept telling the boy not to move but out of the corner of my eye I could see the barrel of the gun shaking and we got pegged. Bird started to alarm putt at us and just walked away. Got 3 more fired up after that and worked them for about 3 hour's but they hung up on the other side of a swamp, try again this Sat.
Got picked up by dad this am around 5:40 and then a 20 min. drive to one of his spot's to give it a go. Got into the bush after a ten min walk and had one sound off, I started yelping and clucking at the bird which brought him into about 45 yrd's and dad let him have it and put his first bird down of the year at about 6:55.
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Thats whats its all about!
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Now that sounds like a lot of action!!! Good going!
You call it learning... I call it LIFE.
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