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Default 2 day's and TAGGED OUT!

Well opening morning started out with afew BOOOMS with 1 of them being a miss. A good friend of mine took the course just last weekend and my dad backed out at the last minute so I sent the invite to tag along on his first turkey hunt. We got to the bush around 5:50 with bird's sounding off all around us and bumping 2 from there roost. I rushed to get us setup and settled in then started purring and clucking softly while they were still on the roost and within 15 min's we had our first bird comming in, I kept asking my bud if he could see it but he could'nt as I watched the full fan comming. I had a shot but just as I was squeezing the trigger a tree jumped in the line of fire and I watched the tom run away. We spread out and looked for any sign of a hit but I was pretty confident that I missed and the bird's started to fire up again so back to our setup we went and I started to call aggresively which brought in my buds first bird on his first hunt a jake. Got the bird's fired up again after that to try and tag me 1 but could'nt get them to show themselves so off to a different bush to try our luck again. Spotted a tom in the field so off to the end of the lot we went and started our way in spooking a pair of jake's. On our second setup we finally got a response and and a short time later I had my first bird of the year down at 2 pm.
buds bird
16 lbs
5 inch beard
3/8 spurs

18.15 lbs
9 3/4 inch beard
15/16 L spur
7/8 R spur

Went to the same property where I missed and friend shot his bird on the opener with my dad. On our way in managed to bump birds again off the roost so I suggested we sit where they were roosted so we would'nt spook anymore and hopefully get something to come in. Not a single bird sounded for us while on our first setup but my dad had a bearded hen just yard's from him but a rule of our's is to let the hen's walk and that she did. I suggested a move to a spot i wanted to try. When we got there I got the decoy setup and my dad was pretty sure he heard a gobble but was'nt sure so i started on the paddle call with no response for quite awhile untill they finally cut loose about 90 yrd's from us. I could see 1 strutter and 3 jake's and a hen starting to vear away from us so I started to cut at them which turned them our way. I kept telling dad that he was shooting the tom and I was'nt but the bird's started to spook and he could'nt get a clear shot at him so he was telling me to take him. 38 yrd['s and down he went. TAGGED OUT!! Had my digital with me for field shot's but could'nt get the camera to work.

20.4 lbs
8 3/4 inch beard
1 1/8 matching spurs
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Congrats! Nice birds!
"Knowing when to shoot and when to wait is one sign of maturity in a bowhunter. Be patient and pick your aim point carefully." ~ Randy Ulmer

"I suppose it's the way of hunters. We are very odd fellows." ~ Peter Hathaway Capstick
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Those'll do! Nice!

Did you add them to the guys vs gals bird board yet?
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Originally Posted by Colorado Rick View Post
Those'll do! Nice!

Did you add them to the guys vs gals bird board yet?
Correct me if I'm wrong but I think sign ups are over? Nice birds in any case though! Congrats!
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both are great birds, congrats !!!!
Happy Huntin' to all
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Awesome!! Congrats to ya!!
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way to go
! super job
Lisa Metheny
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Hey great looking bird!
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A couple of real nice looking birds there.... congrats!
You call it learning... I call it LIFE.
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