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Default Two Thunderchickens For Me

We had a great weekend, went to my buddies down south and of course all day friday it rained, normal hunting trip for us. I did fill my gun tag that day, not much of a hunt, I seen it in some trees, walked out there and shot it, I know great story. Then Saturday morning is was to the blinds with the bows. After eating to many fresh made rolls that my buddies wife made we were running a little late. We had two blinds set up and due to recent snow and rain we couldn't cross the creek so it was about a two mile hike. Me and Chuck barely made it to the blind before they came down off the roost. They flew down about 80 yards away from the blind and there was alot of them, somewheres between 50 and 60! I counted fourteen big toms, they were strutting and fighting, putting on a good show. Then some hens and a jake started working our way, well one of the big boys didnt like that so he headed our way and decided to come see our decoy well at 12 yard I sent and axis st next to his beard and out his back end. He woobled out to 27 yards and laid down for a little bit then did the death flop, thats when four other big boys come over to beat the heck out of him, and each other, then one of them wanted to beat on our decoy, so Chuck let him have one through the wing butts and he ran and died two steps away from mine. So there we sat, tags full and still surrouned by big toms. We waited about an hour for them to work off the field before we could get our birds for pictures. When we got back to the other blind Kirk shot a nice tom and Josh missed a big boy, three birds in one morning, not a bad hunt. Here's some pics, first one is gun tag, wet birds are ugly, secon is my bow bird, and third is the morning triple. We didnt have a scale, but my gun bird had a 8" beard with one" spurs and my bow bird had two beards one 9" beard and a 6" beard with one" spurs.

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Nice work sir!
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Awesome! Congratulations!
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Congrats...Nice birds!
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Great birds and story to boot. Nothing beats harvesting one with the bow.


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Very Nice!!! Good going.
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Way To Go!!
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