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Default hound hunting

I support the message you provide on hunting with what ever means is legal and ethical and that hunters need to stick together and not be concerned about what method is better then another. There needs to be more sports people who are willing to say that and spread the message.

Now I challenge you. I watch your shows whenever I can....and the dang Outdoor Channel needs to have them on more often then three times a week. With that, I have not seen a show where you hunt with hounds. With all the bear hunting shows that you do, I challenge you to do something different and do a bear hunt over hounds. Physically, it is more more demanding then a bait hunt and shows another aspect of hunting.

I know hound hunting is looked down upon on most of the hunting community but until you have hunted over and with hounds, you don't know what you are missing. I have hunted bears over bait, spot and stalk, and over hounds and I find hound hunting more enjoyable then the other two. And if you don't want to hunt bears with hounds, try cougars or even hogs. Just something to consider and open another avenue to spend more time in the woods.
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I think that would be very cool to see them do! Myself, I've always wanted to hunt a cougar with hounds, hopefully one day I will.
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