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Default Shaft question

The first thing I bought when this archery bug hit was a used bow on Ebay. Old... old... old Ben Pearson bow with a draw length of just under 1/3 of a mile. I bought a box of Beman ICS Hunters and given the draw length, I never got them cut down.

Since then I have learned a ton, mainly from you all, and I am wondering if I shouldn't get them cut now. I have a 28 1/2 inch draw on my bow. I moved it up to 60lbs. The shafts are 32" and I used Gorrilla glue to lock in the inserts.

My question is this: Should I cut the shafts down to 29 and have the inserts redone?

My "buddy" at Basspro seems to feel that the extra couple of inches shouldn't be a big deal, but I haven't paper tested these shafts yet.

Obviously I would get some extra KE from them as they are, but is it really that big of a difference regarding KE?

Anyway... There it is.
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