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Originally Posted by Mathews PA Bowhunter View Post
I Have Shot Does In The Past That Had Yearlyings, I Don't See Anything Wrong With It. I Wouldn't Mind Seeing Them Being Shot On Tv / Video Either.

I Wouldn't Shot If The Little Ones Had Spots Still On Them!!!!

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that is the way i look at it . ,if they have spots and i feel that they are not feeing on there own! then i will pass and not shoot that doe until either the next time i see her and her fawn is feeding on its own., i was saying that the few does that i have shot int he past few years, have not had fawns with., heck last year i never saw a doe or fawn during the bow season ., all i saw were bucks
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The yearlings survive fine and yes, mean ole me has taken does with young ones around.

A doe with a fawn? Nope.
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We can't even shoot does here in NM
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No, I don't. I don't think it is wrong or anything, it is just not something I want to do.

During the elk season in CO back before it was bucks only and the mule deer tags were OTC you could shoot does with fawns. The fawns were always still spotted, as are the elk calves, and I just couldn't ever bring myself to shoot mamma of either species. Too much of a softy I guess
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i do not think its wrong , young can make it on there own, they (does) hang out as a gang anyway. what gets me are the hunters that shoot button bucks.just to fill a tag happen alot in my area..
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We are allowed up to 10 does (or antlerless deer) in Georgia. Odds are we will come up on a mature doe with younger ones if we try to take our limit.

I figure it depends on how badly I need the meat for the freezer.
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I could count on one hand the number of does that i've shot in 25+ years of hunting so my answer is no.
Do i like watching them get shot on t.v no i feel that i,ve just been ripped off 1/2 hour of a hunting show.
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