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Default Is December the 3rd my lucky date or my curse?

Is December the 3rd my lucky date or my curse?

December 1991

I hunted for a few years until I harvested my first whitetail deer. It was December the 3rd 1991 . I was the youngest and greenest of hunters in camp. It was the second day of gun season and the deer were not moving. The group decided I should push some cover in the woods for them. One of the other guys said heíd go with me. So off we went for a mile walk around the woods, to the back side. We started in and spread out about 50 yards. We approached the thickets and went slow. One on either side. I caught movement off to the left and seen a nice little 7 point . He was coming back from the field where our standers were. Weíll he stopped and gave me a broadside shot. I didnít have time for buck fever to set in. I took aim and shot . The buck turned his head and bolted off. My friend came out from behind the thicket and asked if I shot at a deer. I said ďwant to help me find my buckď. Now !! The fever had struck me. I was so rattled and shaken. I had a hard time telling him where the deer was at when I shot. He picked up the blood trail twenty yards further from where I was looking. The buck went 100 yards and went down. Our standers were now there shaking their heads in disbelief . My first deer a buck at that !

December 1994

The Ď94 -Ď95 season started November the 28th. High winds and rain. By Wednesday , only one friend and myself were left in camp. We decided to get some lunch and plan for the afternoon hunt. While at the truck, I seen my cousin driving in at a good clip. Who had tagged out on opening day and went home. My father had a massive heart attack that morning. I tossed my buddy the keys to my truck. Gave him some gas money and told him to hunt until Friday evening . When I arrived at the hospital two hours later . I found my dad in a coma. ďDoesnít look goodĒ says Uncle Willie. I spent the next two days with my mother, at dads side.

My friend returned with my truck on Friday afternoon. He had not been able to fit the canvas wall tent in the truck. That it was still standing in camp. My mom told me to drive up the next morning ( December the 3rd ) to get it. Other family members agreed I should too . My mother asked my best friend to go with me and to try to get me in the field for even a little bit . After picking up the tent the next morning . Landon said he had orders from my mom. He also had slipped the guns in the truck without me knowing. I didnít like the thought of me not being there if something happened . After a lot of talking from my friend and a few prayers. I agreed to a short hunt . We werenít in the woods 10 min. when I had a very large doe come in right to me . I shot and dropped her in her tracks at 20 yards .
I donít know if my father heard me when I returned to the hospital and told him of my success . I think he may have been there with me. He was taken off life support and passed away on the 5th.
December 2004

Itís now ten years latter. I am married now and have family of my own. My wifeís mother is a very sick woman. She has been under Hospice care at home. My wife has taken on the role of care giver. She has asked if I would hunt closer to home this year.

I have gained access to a small cut bean field at the edge of some real thick cover. Itís in the heart of Perrysburg township. Perrysburg, Ohio. A 5 min. drive from my home. I have seen a lot of deer here. Trying to get their pattern is difficult .
Itís Friday, December the 3rd . I have the day off and Iím headed to the bean field. Day five of gun season. Shortly after 8:30am I seen a group of nine deer come out into the cut corn next to the field Iím in. There were three does, five yearlings and a decent eight point. I watched as they fed in the corn stubble . I hoped the buck would feed into the beans. Instead the lead doe came in and stopped at 70 yards. She knew I was in the bail blind and I quickly took aim and squeezed off the shot. Her rear legs kicked almost straight up. She ran 40 yards and dropped, still in the bean field. I knew she was big. When I walked up to her I seen how big. 300+lbs 7 Ĺ years old. This was the girl I had seen in spring with three fawns. I drove my truck out to get her. While trying to load her on the tail gate, I kept hearing a horn back at the lane I park at. It was my mom. She was there to tell me my mother-in-law had passed away moments ago.

I havent hunted December the 3rd in the past three years. Thatís the day I spend with my wife. After all, itís also her birthday.

Gary Pratt
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Wow alot does happen on Dec 3. Do you play the lottery on Dec 3?
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Originally Posted by bullmoose38 View Post
Wow alot does happen on Dec 3. Do you play the lottery on Dec 3?
If I were him I don't know if I'd be more "concerned" about winning or getting hit by a truck...

Good story Gary, regardless!
"Knowing when to shoot and when to wait is one sign of maturity in a bowhunter. Be patient and pick your aim point carefully." ~ Randy Ulmer

"I suppose it's the way of hunters. We are very odd fellows." ~ Peter Hathaway Capstick
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Yes very good story, thinks for posting it.
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