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I start at 530am so I need to get up around 4. I work 8hours and then its home to do paperwork and reviews. that usually takes me til 8 or 9. get on here and a couple of others for a brief session...bed.

only good thing is that i dont have to work weekends unless there is an emergency and i get called back to the hospital.
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Shoot im still in school. I chose to mow lawns rather than get a year round job that pays crappy.

I manage my own business, choose days/hours to work, Dont work at all hardly during the fall and winter, make a KILLING per hour compared to other jobs, and dont work too many hours per week.

I only work 10-15 hours per week mowing in the spring and summer. Look to be doubling that this summer to save up for a Duramax some time next year
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suppose to be 8-4 but i have 2 hours to drive(there and back) and i most always work longer days too... if i'm not working, i'm at work playing.....
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well I'm heading to work right now ., I'm from 7-3 m-f and sometimes Saturday ., i always like to be at work 1/2 before ., that is why I'm up and ready! ., oh and also cause i just checked weather bug and it is a -27.4 outside right now . so i have to let truck warm up just a wee!! .,
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sorry,no problem sleeping ,retired in may ,sleep when i want,as long as i want.
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