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Originally Posted by TLC View Post
bh9797, not even sure that everyone would have to carry. just the thought that maybe someone else is carrying would be a deterrent.

missed the part about what would make someone do this. not going to make friends here, but think it starts with parenting. actually, lack there of. wayyyyyyyyyy back when when I was growing up, my parents were always around for us kids(4 boys). now a days, some parents buy their kids playstations, x-boxes, computers, and such, and just kind of ignore their kids. and as stupid as I thought it used to be, what kind of messages are kids getting these days from the video games that are out? know back in the day, we looked for reasons to stay out of the house. now, it seems that kids want to be IN the house. JMO.
i do agree 100% also .,
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and for all the young parents out there, not trying to insinuate that any of you are this way with your children.

thanks to those that agree. but also would like to know if anyone else has anything besides what I have said. cut my answer short to let others have their say about other ideas.
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