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Unhappy Hogless

I just got back from my 2nd hog hunt...4 days in OK...and I am still hogless Last time I greatly underestimated these ugly, ugly critters so I figured this time I would get one for sure. Neeless to say, I flubbed both opportunities. First time I had a good boar under the feeder with several other hogs. I waited for a decent shot and when I let go, my broadhead just nicked the edge of the feeder leg sending it well clear of the boar. Dang the luck (Or maybe I just need more practice ) The only other shot I took was during the last minutes of the last day at a small hog which I hit high. It was a pass thru but didn't even leave a blood trail. I hated that, as I am not one for wounding. I had a great time though, good group of fellows I hunted with and I didn't have to be at work If anything, I am more determined than ever to get a hog....surely I can't get skunked three times in a row
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