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Originally Posted by musky_xl View Post
i was consider using them cause when i shoot, i tend to get excited and have a hard time watching impact...not sure if its due to me being borderline retarded or not?!
I just started using them this year. They are great but very expensive. I lost one to a doe this year. I saw the arrow go deep into the chest but it must have hit the opposite shoulder. It looked like a good hit and I saw her and my arrow running off into the heavy woods. Unfortunately, it must not have been as good a hit as I thought. I lost the trail after 1/2 mile of tracking and never did recover the deer. I felt awful.
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arrowmike, have not noticed any difference in flight with either the archers flame or the lumenoks. think the weight is like 9-11 grams? shoot, thought it might be on the package, but it's not. know if you check the archersflame site, they tell you the weight. again, I have not noticed any difference at all.
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I like them but I am going to try the Easton Trasers this year.

As for the animal seeing them... if the tail of your arrows wagging around enough for them to see it coming... well you have other issues to worry about as the nock should be hidden behind the shaft and fletches.
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I am thinking about getting them this year, I would like to at lest try them out, but I know that I will like them.
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