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Well, they'll be out AGAIN this year...so they're 2008! Ppttt...smartie pants!
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Originally Posted by TLC View Post
bullmoose, going to give them a try and see what happens. all the reviews were good about them. keeping my fingers crossed.
Dont worry! I killed over 30 big game animals with them and never lost a one! Hopefully I didnt just jinx myself! And some of them werent the best shot placement. You will be pleased.
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Bow- Hoyt Katera
Sight- Apex Atomic
Release- Still use my Scott Lil Goose
Optics- Don't use binos much
Stands- Ground hunter
Camo- Love the new Mossy Oak Treestand!!
Broadheads- This year I shot the Hellrazors, LOVED'EM! But next season there will be the Nightmare coming out, so most likely will shoot those.

I get a new bow every 2 years plus being a former hunting rep, I still get good benefits from my manufacturers & old co-workers! So I am hanging up my 2006 Hoyt Trykon for the new Katera, and leaving my Truglo sights & quiver on my Trykon and going with the Apex sight and when I saw the new MO Treestand back in July, sorry Realtree, but I am liking the new camo! I have 1 Non-Typical hang on stand that is up, but I am not in it as much and I hunt mainly on the ground, its not that high anyway, like 12 feet. But since I was a rep for Ameristep, I have many salesman samples of stands and no need to change brands because they have great products.
www.wildcam.ca 2 live video deercams 24/7 in Saskatchewan.
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Originally Posted by TLC View Post
not really hunting equipment, but getting a new corn planter and a new combine for the food plots. and sure there will be some new toy that comes out that I will just have to have.

anyone get one of those butt pullers? and if so, what did you think? not impressed with it as it went in easily enough, but kept hanging up on the pull back out.
what are you looking for in a planter, I've got a John deere 4 row that I'd like to get rid of, it's in great shape also I've got a couple gleaner combines let me know if your interested
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ACP Tim. looking for a 3-4 row planter to plant corn and beans, and a combine of sorts. looking for an older one that pulls behind the tractor. YES, i might be interested. if you want, or when you get the chance, email any details you have about the machinery. tlchi@dishmail.net. thanks, Todd
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Has anyone else checked out the Summit Hot Dot bow site? Pretty cool seen it at the Harrisburg show and thinking about picking one up.
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