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Default Outfitter Hog Hunt Sign Up

Is there anyone who would like to hunt 4d Outfitters in Mexia, TX with me? He can take up to 4 in the "high" fenced area (fence about 40" tall or so). Meals (regular redneck meals - not the 4star hotel meals), lodging, He can sleep 4 comfortably (I would sleep at home). It would be a bowhunting weekend. He has room for 4 in the fenced area and two in a free-ranging area (no guarantees out there but there's a lot of hogs in the area). The two free range areas would have stands (1 with a feeder) and (1 with a pig pipe [kick feeder]). It would be a Saturday - sunday deal with 2 hogs (1/day) at 125lbs or less or you can take a tropy at 150.00 trophy fee. The free ranging spots would be 75.00/day with no trophy fee. I've seen boars there as big as 400 lbs or more. I took my 1st archery hog there (100 lb boar). I might be able to take my 5th wheel down there and let ya'll use it that would sleep more. But we'd be looking for 6 at the max. If there were 6 that wanted to go I would back out and maybe help guide since I can go at a later date. He lives about 45 minutes from me. Nate (owner) and Randy (guide) will bust their butts to make sure you get hogs!

Up to 6 people (including 2 in free ranging setups)
meals, transportation to stands and back, lodging, semi-guide, 2 hogs under 125 lbs, tracking and game recovery.
Wounds count as a kill
It's not the Ritz by any stretch of the word but Nate's got a good thing going and it's very affordable.

Nate and Randy are also good-hearted, integrity driven people with your experience with them being their utmost priority. I personally vouch for them and call them friends. FYI, This is Nate's passion not his job. Nate's day job is as a miner in the Mexia area. But, he has a TON of hogs!

Let me know if you're interested.

You can see his sight at

I'm still looking forward to seeing my new potential hunting spot on Saturday!

I haven't set any dates yet. I was thinking about beginning or middle of March.
Warm regards,


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