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Default BIG Ontario 8 DOWN!

Nov. 1'st
Got all my stuff ready at 6 AM and out the door I went.
Made my morning stop at Tim Hortons and headed over to one of my hunting spots and sat in the vehicle to enjoy my coffee before heading into my spot. I spotted a flashlight moving in my direction form quite aways away and out I get to get ready thinking it might be a trespasser planning on hunting the property. Seemed to far away when he headed into the bush so off I went, mind you this property is almost 2 kms wide. Legal light is upon us and I started through the bnack field in hopes of maybe doing a spot and stalk, but bumped 3 doe's and 2 fawns instead. I slowly crept my way to my stand keeping my eyes and ears open, the winds were wrong for this stand but I knew it was a good area and opted to do a ground sit 80 yrds to the east of it. I picked my tree to settle up against and rested the gun up against so I could move branches out of the way and clear the leaves out to. About the 3'rd swipe of my foot to move the leaves out of the way I heard a noise, turned around and there he was staring at me broadside 12 yrds away and NO gun in hand. I figure he might have thought I was another buck making a scrape and thats what brought him in. I stared at him for afew seconds before I actually reached for my gun and thats when he started to take off, I picked my spot and as soon as he hit it the slug was on its way and hit its mark. 80 yrd recovery.
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Nice buck -- congrats!!
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That's a dang nice one! Congrats!
He took me!
Thanks Dad.
Wish you were here.

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One heck of an 8 pointer!!!!!!
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