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Default Carbon Element

It looks like this year Hoyt’s Carbon Element is going to be the bow that all the other bow companies will be trying to fallow or catch this year.
I had the chance to shoot a shop demo last night and all I can say is wow! To start off the looks of this bow is the first thing you notice. The Realtree AP is much nicer than the APG of past years. Next you notice the anodizing of the cams, limb pockets, cable roller, ect is just cool looking. (it looks better in real life then pictures on the web) They also matched the stripe on the side of the limbs to match the cams. The attention to detail is unbelievable.
Next as soon as you pick this thing up it just feels good in your hand light and balanced. The draw cycle is like the carbon Matrix a little smoother and a better wall.
Now for the shot it’s hard to describe the lack of feel or feed back on this bow. What I mean is that there is no vibration, hand shock or jump to this bow.
And as far as accuracy goes I was only able to shoot it in doors at 20 yards. But from what I seen at 20, I see no reason this bow wont stack them up at any hunting distance. The demo I shot was 1 / 2 – 1” to long, had no peep sight, and the range arrows where a mix bunch of arrows. My first 3 arrows set I was just trying to get a feel for the bow. After that it was time to see what this thing could do. Keep in mind that because the bow was not sighted in for me I knew that I would not be hitting bulls eyes. But I was not looking for bulls eye, I wanted to see how this thing would group. So I shot 2 more sets and was surprised as to how well it grouped for me with it not being set up for me.
Now for the down side to this bow- Yes every thing has a down side. If you not looking to buy a new bow this year don’t shoot it. Because if you do shoot it there’s a very good chance that you’ll be walking out with one.
Attachment 1819
2nd set grouping
Attachment 1820
3rd set grouping
Attachment 1821
Shop demo bow
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Hoyt Carbon Matrix Plus- Now On Order!!!
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The Carbon Element and Carbon Matrix are two bows I'd love to test shoot sometime. I've never been a big Hoyt guy, but the reviews on these 2 bows are outstanding.
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