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Don't reply to this crap!!!!!!! OOOOPS, I just did
Why shoot on the last day what you wouldn't shoot on the first?

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Originally Posted by skinner View Post
Just a quick question for ralph and Vicki..Do you guys do any hunting on your own or is every hunt guided...I have yet to see one of your shows that you guys aren't guided....A that is my question are you hunters or are you just killers.....
I think Skinner is trying to ruffle some feathers. I find it suspicious Skinner to put up a question like that being a newbie to this forum. Has me wondering what you have up your sleeve, or should I say skin?
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Maybe he is just jealous of successful people as he is a failure at whatever he does
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Originally Posted by Va Hunter View Post
Yeah. A join date of April then waiting to put something like this out there?

Don't know about ya'll but if I hunt and come up on something I want to take, I KILL IT. I don't agree with the term "Harvest". I didn't grow the deer or turkey, so I don't harvest. That term is one that is used to be PC. PC ain't me. Having a guide is like Tim said. Access to game or properties that you may not otherwise be able to hunt.
Also would like to add that in my opinion I think the term "harvest" comes from the fact that a lot of hunters do in a way grow their own deer heard with proper management and food plots and supplements and so on and so forth so in a way they are harvesting something that they have "grown"...but yes when all is said and done we are all "killers" like it or not

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This forum is unbelievable. i have known the entire crew at ACM since meeting them was my Christmas present when i was 14. Everyone there has bent over backwards to help me grow whether it was long talks with freddy about high school decisions or getting fishing tips from joe. gary helped me do a school project and Raplh and Vicki have always been so cool with letting me come over anytime to shoot bows at their house. As for the rest of this forum, everytime life throws a bump in the road is up on the hangout for advice and prayers are always sent. so for someont to ask if ANYONE on this forum is a hunter or a killer well im sorry to say that were all a family here. and yes a lot of us go on guided hunts and yes a lot of us just hunt our own land, but everyone here is a hunter, and killing is just what we do. Harvesting animals is our common bond and i will stand up for anyone on this forum who has shown commitment, respect and care for ACM...sorry if i offend anyone here but these are my 2 cents on this issue
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