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Default Need a few prayers please!

Tonight, at 6:00 PM, 3 does came out of the bedding area and crossed the creek onto the neighbors' land. At 6:05 I had an 11 point come out of the bedding area and start down the trail towards me. He stopped 25 - 30 feet out and raised his head to lick a branch. When he did, his eyes locked on mine and he stomped. His body was approximately 20 degrees off line with me so I let the arrow fly. The broadhead entered behind his shoulder at a 45 degree angle but was not a complete pass through, he turned and ran with the arrow still sticking out. As he ran he brushed up against a tree trunk and I watched the arrow bend but it did not fall out. I was advised to leave him for tonight and find him in the morning. Its going to be a very long night!
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