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Default ACM -vs- Kisky scores and photos


Ok, guys and gals, here are the rules for our, hopefully, First Annual contest.

Points: All big game animals will receive points, including wolves, coyotes, hogs and gators.

Does will receive 5 points. Bucks will receive a score equal to the number of points on it's rack. Minimum tine length to be counted is 1 inch.

All other animals will receive 10 points. The reason being, not everyone can get multiple deer tags, or maybe they're in an area where there aren't a lot of deer, but they have other big game.

Bonus Points: 5 Bonus points will be awarded to those who kill a big game animal in another country. Whitetails and muleys are excluded from receiving bonus points.

The contest will run from August 1st, to January 31st.


1. ladybowhntr-------------------->> 15 points (3 does)
2. wannabe------------------------>> 11 points (6point buck, doe)
3. huntinbeast------------------>>18 points (8 pt buck,2 does)
4. 170wacker
5. Gimp Hunter
6. Ben Corvin
7. ADKINSFAMILY2005------------>> 5 points (doe)
8. jclaws----------------->> 12 points (4 pt velvet buck, 8pt buck)
9. KIGHTY7-------------->> 8 points (8 pt buck)
10. whitetail_junkie
11. indiana boy
12. ANDYMAN--------------------->>44 points (9 pt buck, 7 does)
13. Buckslayer 34
14. Leftridge------------->> 23 points (8 pt buck, hog,doe)
15. Bigmoss------------->> 16 points (2-8pt bucks)
16. HNTRJH------------->> 21 points (11 point buck, bobcat)
17. J Harvey
18. Nantzh--------->> 21 points (11 pt buck, 2 does)
19. Hutch
20. Tommy Thompson----------->> 8 points (8 pt buck)
21. Bowhntr
22. Kansashunter------------>> 7 -points (broken up 8 point buck)
23. Whitetail Nut----------->> 42 points (Alberta moose + bonus points, 2-9pt bucks, 2does)
24. ColeMtn------------>> 13 points (velvet buck, doe)
25. KANDI KISKY--------->> 10 points (10 point buck)
26. Larrys
27. donhyde70
28. fox30buck
29. Blackfish
30. Tstrom------------------->> 262 points (22 yotes!!!!!!,11 pt buck, 7 pt Mulie, 14 pt buck, 10 pt buck)
31. Deertraks

------------------------>>Total: 537 points

Archers Choice

2.Bow Drawn
3.Timba------------->>18 points (7pt muley buck, 11 point buck)
6. Christine------------->>10 points (2 does)
7. Cherokeechass
8. burrhead------------->>36 points (11 point buck, 2 antelope, 1 doe)
9. wyote------------->>60 points (2 does, 4 antelope, coyote)
10. MCFantail
11. ACM_Gary
12. bullmoose38------------->>15 points (3 does)
13. woody------------->>5 points (doe)
14. David Wozniak
15. Danielle Wozniak
16. AF Hunter
17. dman4505
18. ladysedge----------------->> 10 points (10 pt buck)
19. dkoutdoors
20. YorkArcher------------->>5 points (doe)
21. MOvenatic
22. shimmeringleaves
23. toomse
24. thedogmother
25. Deb------------->> 19 points ( 2 does, 9pt buck)
26. ACM_Vicki --------->> 25 points (antelope, moose+bonus pts,)
27. cgshp49
28. HuntnMa----------->> 14 points (4pt buck, hog)
29. OhioCooner
30. nhbowhunter21--------------->> 3 points (3 pt buck)
31. coorsdrifter------------->> 10 points (Elk)
32. yogi
33. albertadoe
34. TLC----------->>5 points (5pt buck)
35. pbg40g
36. Carol -------->> 52 points (8pt buck, 9 pt buck, 3 does, 2 turkeys)
37. archerynut78

--------------------->>Total: 282 points

Post photo and location of animal taken thru posting a reply. I will keep up with the Kisky points. Monie will keep up with the AC points and she and I will keep the other forum updated with our team points and who earned them. Remember, this is for bragging rights and fun. It's as much about smack talk as it is the hunt!!!! Smack talk goes in the one of the previous threads. THIS IS SCORE KEEPING/PKOTO THREAD.
I will add to this post additions to the teams. Continue to sign up in the sign up post---NOT HERE-----.
Any questions, feel free to ask here or pm me. Let the smackin'/errrr party/errr huntin' begin!!!!!!!!
Get outdoors and discover the world around you!!!!!

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