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Default La Nina???

They are talking about this being a La Nina year with hot dry weather. I got news for them, between what happened in Arkansas (may the Lord watch over the loved ones of those missing and dead), and all the rain here (1.5" in about 30 minutes this morning), I'm kind of thinking they might be WRONG! We're sitting at about 9" of rain so far this month alone. My deer are all going to have to wear water wings to get around.
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She's stakin up to be a wierd year that's fer sure. For the most part it's been above normal for here in Mi. We had 80's in March, then freezing in April! Fer the last few days it's been above normal again. One other thing, everybody (that owns a dog) has been sayin' the they have been shedding that winter coat a lot more than normal.
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Strange weather fer sure! Gonna be in the low 90s here in the SW Va mountains today. Don't remember a June that's been this warm, this quick. Some of the local farmers are scurrying around between the rains, which seem to be coming hard and furious in the afternoons, trying to get up hay.
I worked on my 2 beagles and Rotty saturday morning for about 2 hours. It looked like I had enough hair to start another couple of dogs! Yesterday, they looked like they not wever been brushed. Reckon I'll have to go at them again tonite after work.
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Thanks Dad.
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