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Originally Posted by Bow Drawn View Post
I've heard that said about Whitetail too but I wouldn't want to walk up on a wounded bear, deer yes, bear nope!
I have gone after a wounded bear before and it is not fun its pretty scary
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I like the Slick Tricks but any good tip that your accurate with is fine. If you have a good whitetail setup don't change anything.
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Most quality broadheads will work for bear - if hit in the right spot. I was not a fan of expandables until my wife tried one last year on her bear. She shot her bear with a 10-Point using a Spitfire. No problem following that bloodtrail. Took a long time to clean up the site for field photos.

About the only thing I would say now is that I am not a big fan of the mini heads. Definately will work if you hit a bear properly, but I've trailed a lot of bears at dusk (the time the majority of our bears are shot) and nothing beats a profuse blood trail when trailing a bear in thick woods by flashlight or lantern.
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Talking I'm a BIG fan of the Slick Trick 125 gr magnum

Plenty of outstanding broadheads, including the Hellrazor as pointed out here. I am a Slick Trick guy because the flight is just exactly like my field tips. I value the bejeebers out of that. I can shoot 20 arrows a day or so with field tip off my 15' elevated deck down to block and 3D bear target at 20, 25, and 30 yards.

Really don't even need to practice with the Slick Trick, though I always shoot a few of those at end of practice. Flight is always dead on.

Took a beautiful chocolate color phase in '08 in Saskatchewan with 125 gr mag Slick Tricks tipped on my Easton Full Metal Jacket arrows. 25 yard shot. Bear went 10 yards, climbed a tree, slid down, died in front of me within 1:00 minute. Filmed the whole gig myself.

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