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Default Looking for a New Bow

Bought a Matthews S2 two years ago after shooting nothing but Hoyt's for 12 years. A friend of mine who runs an archery shop in Columbus, GA talked me into buying it. The bow shot OK but I was never really comfortable shooting it, especially since I shoot my competition bow which is a Hoyt all the time. I don't think I have shot the S2 more than a couple hundred times and since my hunting has been nil since I moved to Ontario, Canada to be with my wife of 5 years. I just haven't had much reason to shoot it much since I can't find any local property to hunt. Something about crazy Americans with a southern accent just doesn't appeal to folks up here.

But have started the search for a new bow and I have a choice of Hoyt, Hoyt and Hoyt. I would love to have the new 35" axle to axle Maxxis but my wing span isn't long enough since the Maxxis only is for folks with draw lengths of 27 inches or longer. I suppose I can go with the AlphaMax but will probably go with the 32". I have always held to the rule of thumb that the longer the bow the more forgiving it is and more accurate at greater distances. For those of you who have experience with the 32" axle to axle AlphaMax does it shoot as well as the longer 35" AlphaMax?
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