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Default Brother in law's gobbler

After dropping my gobbler early, I went back to where we'd separated that morning. Sat down against a big ole oak tree along a field and pulled out my book to wait on my BIL. He had decided to hunt a ridge above where we parted. As I started to sit down, I saw movement in back end of the field. A gobbler came walking out and preceded to show off a bit. After gobbling a few times, he headed off up the ridge in the direction of my BIL. Don't know if it was the same bird or not but BIL worked a bird for over 90 minutes, starting shortly after the field bird left. Everytime he'd call, with a diaphram all, the gobbler would gobble but just wouldn't come in all the way. He was walking back and forth across old logging road that cut sideways across the ridge. He must have gobbled 30 times in that 90 minutes! I'm sitting down by the filed enjoying this whole thing. BIL switched up and whined on a slate call. That's all it took. That ole bird practically ran off the ridge try to get there! Stepped out from behind a huge boulder and got busted by a load of #4s out of an 835 at about 20 yards. 10.5 inch beard and both hooks were 1.25''s.

Opening morning and 2 really big birds! What a morning!!!!!!!!
He took me!
Thanks Dad.
Wish you were here.

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