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Default Hahahahahahahahahahah

I'm gonna' go crazy!!!! All of the standing corn has been killing me again this year....But, there is one setup where standing corn was gonna be perfect for gun season.

There is another guy that gun hunts this particular farm and he tagged out during the 1st season. That cleared the way for me to have the place all to myself with hope of poking some daylight through that thumper buck I've been getting trail cam pictures of.

I stopped out at the farm on Tuesday to make sure I would be the only one out there.....and between the time I left and the time I returned for an afternoon sit yesterday with my TC Triumph.....THEY PICKED THE FRICKIN' CORN

Now with the corn picked...the next closest cover for the deer is several hundred yards away. Between that cover and the food plot is just some open timber and brush.

I feared this would have the deer showing up much later and that is exactly what happened. The corn filed was only 40 yards from the plot so it was a quick hop, skip, and a jump and they were munching on turnips. Now they either have to expose themselves early or show up late in the plot.

I'm gonna' go out to the local baseball field and "borrow" the lights!!!
Why shoot on the last day what you wouldn't shoot on the first?


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That sucks buddy!
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"I suppose it's the way of hunters. We are very odd fellows." ~ Peter Hathaway Capstick
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par for the course....

That seems to by the theme this year...

Sorry bud!!!
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