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This past Friday, when my BIL and I arrived at our hunting spot, we were advised by the owners, to be on the look out for a buck that had been shot on the property above ours and had been jumped the previous evening, right before a downpour. My BIL found the buck as he went in to his stand. This buck was a 7 pointer that had 6'' brows, 10'' G2s and a 9'' G3 on one side. The other side was bladed where the G3 should have been. Inside spread was over 20'' and my hand wouldn't go around the bases. A FREAKIN PIG OF BUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

Long story short, the original shooter was called to. He came by with intentions of just getting a few pictures and shake some hands, but drove off with HIS deer in the back of his truck. My cousin(the property owner) told him it was his deer. He shot it and we were glad to help him in retrieving it. This deer could probably take state in the 7 point class! I hope to see it hanging on the scoring board this year.
He took me!
Thanks Dad.
Wish you were here.

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Yes, I would shoot it. If I see a deer with an arrow in it, be it a buck, doe or a spike. I will put it down.

Would you let a deer walk around with an arrow in it?
I cant do it. I feel as a hunter its the right thing to do.
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Originally Posted by pbg40g View Post
I was watching a show on the Pursuit channel today where this sort of came into play. One of the show hosts shot a nice buck, and it ran across a field and into the edge of the woods. As the hunter crossed the field and approached the area where the deer went into the woods, another hunter was there and said he almost shot the buck again. He didn't though, when the buck turned and he could see the blood pouring out of the shot wound. The guy said the buck ran up, stopped, turned and fell, and when he saw the blood, he knew someone else had shot it. The guy led the show host to where the deer fell, and that was that. They didn't show if the host offered some of the meat or hide or anything to the other hunter for his help, but at least the second guy was honest and didn't try to take it.
That second hunter showed a lot of class. Regardless of whether it was a trophy he did the right thing. That type of action helps improve the reputation of all of us hunters.
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