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I had a couple of does come out on weekend that I was hunting on Saturday morning and passed on them as they weren't that big. Didn't see anything else the rest of the weekend. I don't have the chance to get out that much, so sometimes I take what I can. Figured that weekend that I'd have a chance at some others. Go figure.
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i will always pass on buttons, and usually I'd pass small spikes and small does.....if it's a cowhorn, say 10 inches or longer or a mature doe, it's going down....just my personal preference, if I know it's a baby,or with baby, it'll walk.....you never know what kind of genetics it could have...but then again, thats why I'm meatless now......if someone wants meat and they're not ashamed to bring it out of the woods then so be it....especially the small does.
Happy Huntin' to all
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