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Default Rut A Little Early This Year?

1. I have watched bucks (over 1.5 year olds) chasing does this past week.
2. Neighbor shot a buck chasing 2 does and grunting while he did so last Sunday.
3. Another hunter told me he's had several bucks chasing does on his property and when he rattles they are making a bee line to him.
4. One other states that he rattled and grunted and the buck came in and immediately "thrashed" a big tree at 35 yards.

Normally, this would be a little early for this type of activity. Is the rut coming around a little earlier than usual? I know the rutting moon is NOV 2nd but it still is a little out of the norm.
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I sure hope so, I need the activity to pick up here in SD. Saw a small buck pestering some does a couple of nights ago, but its pretty slow. I expect it to pick up in the next week. Remember holloween is right around the corner.
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I understand what the experts are saying about the moon phases and all that, but Mother Nature's still gonna do things her way. I've seen more rut signs in late Dec than when they say it's supposed to hit, which is early Nov, around here.
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I've seen some activity of bucks chasing does. Thats common with young bucks getting spun up...

Lots of roadkill deer are showing up here in PA and MD...

The chase phase of the rut should be starting within the next week...

Bucks are trying to find that first hot doe....

Most of the does won't come into estrous until the first/second week of Nov.
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Things are pretty slow, here. Although, a lot of farmers don't have all their crops in yet, so that may, or may not, be affecting what we're seeing.
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I hope its just about there,I'm heading out to sask friday morning and hoping to rattle some thing in,since I have never had a cahnce to get up there and do any spotting.

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