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Default Land leases

Just wondering if anyone has any advice on how to look for hunting leases. Eventually I would like to lease a small piece of land and start scouting and hunting myself. Got no clue how to go about this though. I found a couple web sites but they dont list much.
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I have never leased land. All I have ever done is scout around and find farmers who live on the land in areas where there are a lot of deer. I go up and introduce myself. After a little background of being raised to respect others and their property, I let them know I enjoy turkey/deer hunting and ask permission to hunt. I was always able to get exclusive permission to large tracts of land. I make it a point to remember those land owners every Christmas/Easter/Thanksgiving w/a card. I also call on them every year to make sure nothing has changed. Then, when I stop by, I make it a point to help out with whatever they are working on at the time.

Some will turn you down and when they do, thank them for their time and tell them you understand their point of view. I have been initially told no due to this or that reason and after thanking them and telling them I fully understand their reason(s), had them change their minds.

Now that I own my own property, I still did the same thing w/farmers surrounding my property and have exclusive rights to 400+ acres around my land.

The most important part is to ALWAYS respect their wishes/restrictions.

Good luck.

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Try craigslist.com but be careful, also. Had a guy this past week try to lease me land he didn't have permission to lease. He tried to tell me he leased it and was in control of it. When I asked for the property owner's name and contact info he wouldn't give it to me.
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You can find plat maps online. Just look under the GIS for your county. Some counties will not allow outside access and some will. You'll just have to fiddle with it. Some of the maps only list an address for the property and the owner's name and NOT the owner's residence. You can use the White Pages to do further digging.

Hope this helps you and maybe some others, too!
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