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Terry I think they told us there is a possibility that the bloodrunners might open when shot from a crossbow. The spitfires should work awesome as well as the hellrazors!!!
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A couple of years ago I was shown a method that works very well with an Excalibur.

Put your foot in the stirrup. Take your rope cocker, put the hook right against the handle on one side and hook it to the string. Put the long side of the string in the groove to the other hook and attach that hook to the string on the other side of the bow. At this point you have both hooks on the string, the majority of the rope hanging out on one side, and a short length of rope in the groove at the back of the receiver. Tighten your pressure on the long side handle to put some pressure on the string. Release the safety, and pull the trigger keeping firm hold of the long side handle. Gradually let the pressure off with the long side handle. I leave my bow like this (hooked up to the cocker) over night, but its a simple matter to unhook the string at this time.
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A guy I know that uses a crossbow always just shoots an older bolt he has into the ground. Uses the same one all the time. He's been doing it this way for years.

I know he used a mechanical broadhead, but for the life of me, I can't remember which one he uses. I don't believe it's made anymore and he said they were getting harder to find too.

If I find out, I'll post it out here.
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i shoot rage in my cross bow go and buy dential rubber bands to hold them but weak enough to break works great
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I use an Excalibur Excocet
When I uncock mine I hold the string on both sides with my 4 fingers and pull up and hit the trigger with my thumb.
Make sure you don't do it with gloves on!
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I agree that the best way to release the crossbow is to shoot it. I started using a crossbow because of shoulder problems as well but I am able to release mine by gripping the string tightly with both hands, tripping the trigger with my thumb and letting the string down gradually. I can't speak for Ten-Point bows or others but Excalibur has a good instructional video on their website for releasing the recurve crossbow with the cocking aid. It can be done safely using their method. This may sound obvious but in all cases PLEASE be sure to remove the arrow before uncocking the bow. If not you may find your foot pinned to the ground in a very painfull way. Hope this helps.
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