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Default It's not about the kill, anymore

I live in Montana and the hunting opportunities are plenty. I used to travel all over the state trying to fill my tags. As I got older I changed.

Now I find a good buck and target that animal. This will be the third year trying to kill my monster whitetail. Last year I came close. Last year I did not fill my "A" tag or either sex tag. I did not feel bad. I tricked this buck at least 8 times during the season, archery and rifle. It is the last 50 yards that are important.

I do like venison. This year that buck will be on my wall. Hopefully I will show you some pictures. Does anyone else target a single animal or group of animals using the same area?

Oh, I do like elk the best. The wolves are changing the way to hunt them and I am behind the learning curve. They will get my attention too. My latest tactic is wait until they get pressured and go to their hiding spot. It is two hours uphill on some very rugged terrain. I need a mule. SRM
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I used to would shoot anything with horns, just so I could say I killed a buck. Now, I'd rather have a few does. Heck I've even started to pay attention to how far from the truck I am. I've talked myself out of more than one shot 'cause I didn't want to have to drag it too far.
I'm pretty happy to just get out there. More than once I've settled down against a tree to read my book. Maybe even took a little snooze. Have to wake up occasionally to find another sunbeam to sit in.
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I'm happy to shoot does. Lord knows they're abundant around here. Like you VA, I'm content to take a little snooze while I wait. I'm more at peace in the woods than I am any place else.
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