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Default Longbow Wild Boar!

Well in the month of May-09 3 friends and myself went south into Idaho for a wild boar hunt.Onto a ranch that raises European hogs.Pure Strain.We hunted in the sage and junipers with tall volcanic rock formations sprouting up throughout the hunting area. The hogs were plentiful but very hard to get close to.I was using my Tomahawk longbow at 53# so i had to be close.My friends were using the compound.I proceeded to do many stalks until i finally spotted the one i wanted.A big old boar with protruding tusks.With some very nice blonde highlights.After stalking the boar and blowing close to 7 stalks.I finally released an arrow at 26 yards.The shot was a touch high so off we were after the boar again.We finally located the boar after about 15 minutes or so.The boar had found a very brushy area to hide in.I finally made a stalk to within 15 yards of the boar.No shot.So i pushed in a little closer.The boar then stepped into the only opening betweeen us and looked at me eye to eye.I had pulled the longbow back and let loose ,right into the sweet spot.The boar tore out of there and stopped 30 yards away again.This time I watched the boar tip over.Big Boar Down.What a relief and what an animal.This is the very first harvest ever for me with the Longbow.John Patterson-Charlo,Montana
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