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Old 07-25-2009, 07:51 PM
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Default New Hoyt Alphamax 32 Bone Collector (pics)

Here it is... finally got it in and it shoots great. I got some great advice from yall after my "Have I stepped out (New Hoyt)" thread:

Originally Posted by auburn3808 View Post
I have been shooting the same bow for 8 years. It is a Bear compound and I think it was made sometime shortly before the birth of Christ.... IT IS OLD!
So, I went to my local archery shop to see prices on a new Mathews Reezen. The guy at the shop let me shoot several bows one of which was a Hoyt Alpha Max 32 (left handed) WOW! The Reezen had a lot of vibration and was fairly loud but the Hoyt was awesome. I knew right then that was the bow I wanted. Here is how it was priced before tax:

Bare bow - $799.00
Sights and accessories - $250-300

So here is where I the step out may or may not have occurred.

I went home in love with a piece of archery equipment and as I do before all big purchases, I started doing some research. While researching I stumbled across a bow on Ebay with the listing as follows:

"New Hoyt Alphamax 32 (left handed) Bone Collector Edition. I am selling it in order to pay for my son's surgery and I have only shot it twice. Trophy Ridge Mantis Single pin sight, QAD Fall-away rest, peep sight, and kisser. Price list is as follows, Bow $849.95, Sight $99.95, QAD rest $70, Peep $15, Loop and kisser $10 ++ Tax is around $1120 so save some cabbage here on this bow."

There was 5 hours left on the auction so on a spur of the moment decision I placed a bid 829.99 plus 16.95 S&H

NO ONE ELSE BID ON THE BOW! I got a bow with all accessories for less than I could have bought a bare bow after tax!

So now I have bought a bow on ebay THE DAY my archery shop owner spent over an hour letting me shoot bows. I feel very bad. To add on to things he is the only archery shop in the area so I will have to take it to him for tuning.

My questions are as follows:

1: Was this as good of a deal as I am making it out to be?
2: Should I ever show my face in the Archery Shop again?

Thanks guys!
I changed out the rest to the QAD HD pro and I am still waiting till I can afford a G5 Optix xr sight.
I have no regrets... I still need to take it to my archery shop and have it tuned. I already tied the rest and the peep in myself but don't have the tools or the setup to tune it properly. Take a look
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