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Default I hate groundhogs!!!!!!!!!

Checked one of my cameras today. Found my wire to my battery pack to be all chewed up! the last pic was a hog! Guess I will be looking to ruin his day starting tommorrow!
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kill it.....
Happy Huntin' to all
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We've had a lady here at our dealership 3 times in the last few months. The groundhogs are chewing through her fuel lines and wires back at her gas tank. At $700 per tank, I don't mind selling one but her Insurance company is getting tired of paying for them.

We've had rodents of some sort chewing wires and such on cars for a good while, right on our car lot! I don't now if it's the salt content in the wires or what, but they sure like 'em.
He took me!
Thanks Dad.
Wish you were here.

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I found my problem whistle pig and he didn't like how his day ended either. Good luck with the hunt. Game On!
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Groundhogs are always welcome around my yard when I'm practicing for deer season.
My dog loves them too!
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We don't have groundhog problems here, we have mole & chipmunk issues!! Our dog, Sparky, is really great at catching the moles, she smells them underground or something, digs them up, plays with them for a bit, kills them, let's them rot, and then ROLLS in them!!!! YUCK!! Then everyone in the studio yells at us!! Oh well, atleast the moles don't like our yard anymore!!
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My dog Libby once caught a chipmunk. She chased it across the yard, it climbed up a tree and jumped off, and Libby caught it in midair. She didn't know what to do with it, though, so she dropped it and let it go. I wish I'd been home to see it, but I was at work that day, and my wife told me about it when I got home.

She's always running after rabbits, birds, and the occasional deer we have in our yard. I just wish other houses weren't so close to us so I could SHOOT the deer when the season is open.

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Part of the problem is making the insulation on wires out of corn based product. Guess what they smell?
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