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Default Oh my freaking teeth!

Will, Hugh Reece, and my Dad went hog hunting on Tuesday and only got one hog. He weighed about 100 lbs and was fast! Will said he got off the mule and went in the brush when Little Bit bayed. Before he could get to her the hog broke and ran. About half a mile later she bayed again. So here Will is running through all kinds of vines, stickers, etc. trying to get to the hog and dog. He gets almost there and the hog breaks again (only one dog on him, the rest were who knows where). This happened several times and Will walked/ran about 2 miles from where he got off the mule (as the crow flies it was not that far, but zig zagging and going around stuff, it was a good little piece). My dad and Hugh Reece rode their mules around all the stuff to the other side of the thicket (keep in mind they are 85 and 64, respectively, and don't chase hogs!!). Anywho, look at the freaking teeth on this thing!! My dad has one mounted that was a little over 400 lbs and the teeth on this little thing rivals those (the bottoms, the tops are a little smaller).

Little hogs like this one are what get dogs killed when hunting.

The pic is clickable so you can look at a larger pic if you wish.
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