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You're not going to catch many coons in a diving set. Pocket sets in stream banks will catch a lot of coons but those are designed more for using footholds than conibears.

Don't take this the wrong way, but by refusing to use footholds or to set conibears on land, you are basically setting yourself up for a really rough season. ESPECIALLY for a first year trapper. You just don't know the nuances of the animal well enough to use them against the critter to make it work with your limitations. You've limited yourself to conibears in some sort of water set. There goes 99.9% of your chances of catching any kind of fox or a yote. While pocket / cubbie sets with a conibear will work cut into stream banks, you need to worry about water levels constantly fluctuating (at least I do). You're not going to get many coons to dive into a pocket that's underwater.

If you've got lots of muskrats or mink around, you're grinning, but if you hope to catch a bunch of coons or any foxes, you're limiting your techniques too much in my opinion.
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I know the coons won't frequent a diving set. Actually, for the time being, I'll concentrate on muskrats and mink...and the odd weasel. I saw a jet black one the other day, little joker hissed and growled at me. If I'm in an area that doesn't have any houses nearby, I'd probably put the trap on land, but right now, between me and Bill we don't have any properties without houses. I'd hate to catch the owners pet. If I don't catch a lot this year, that's ok. I need to learn how to skin, flesh and stretch. I don't want so many animals that I can't get them all done.
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