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Default Turkey #2

The turkey gods are being good to me this year!!! I headed out yesterday to a farm I've been hunting for about 8 years now. Out of all of the spots I've hunted turkeys in the past...this place seem to have the most birds on our around the property. The last several years have been tough hunting up there...but, that is why they call it hunting

I decided to get out of bed early so I could be setup in my ground blind when the gobblers decided to start talking. Well....everything in my plan was working except for the turkeys.....not a peep. It is very weird how you can go out one morning and they are gobbling like crazy and not a single gobble the following day. (well....I did hear one or two way off in the distance)

I sat for several hours before my first encounter.....2 hens walked right through my setup. They seemed to be on a mission and didn't stay long. As they walked out of sight...I caught movement to my right. As I slowly turned to see what the movement was....I was surprised to see a nice bird at full strut putting on a show for my decoys. (One thing I enjoy about ground blind hunting is how critters can sometimes sneak right in on you!!!)

Talk about a surprise.....I'm just glad he didn't gobble that close without me knowing he was there 'cause I don't need that kind of "shock" to the system

As Mr. Strut'r put on a show for my decoys....I was able to grab the Alpha Max and prepare for a shot. I rushed the shot with my shotgun last week so I wanted to take my time on this one and just enjoy the action. This went on for a little while but then it was time to get down to business. The bird was only 5 yards away and I was afraid he might hear me draw...but he didn't and the rest is history. I "stoned" him and he dropped where he was standing.

I used to be a hardcore turkey hunter but started losing interest a few years ago. Chasing them with archery gear has rekindled the excitement!!!

Why shoot on the last day what you wouldn't shoot on the first?

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