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Default Any turkey hunting tips?

Anyone have any tips for filming turkeys without a blind. We only ever filmed them while in a blind. Some of the spots we will be hunting this spring requires us to bike 5 miles. So we wont be dragging a blind with us.
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Hey...why not have Holly up in a tree? Seriously, leave your little camera on the ground with you and have Holly use a climber to get above you...that is IF you have a spot and aren't gonna run and gun.

You know, Ameristp has that little 2-man chair blind. It'd be a lot lighter than a big blind. Hook it up to that contraption that you put on your bike.
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I try and anticipate where the birds are going to come from then set up accordingly. If you try and get out of the birds line of sight, while still trying to get the over the shoulder shot on the hunter. I'll usually set up a little behind and off to one side instead of right next to eachother, it gives you a little perspective and is a little easier to hide yourself.
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