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Default Quiver of Dreams Q? to the ralph and/or vicki

yes i had a question on the quiver of dreams. i noticed it is restricted to US residents only and yet the prizes are done in Quebec. So why is it not open to Canadian residents as well?
Thanks again and keep up the good hunts!!

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Quote from "Quiver of Dreams" Contest:
To help thank our loyal customers, Cabela’s and its partners
Here's just a couple observations of mine as I raised the same question earlier:

1. Cabela's has a retail outlet in Canada now.

2. Many Canadians also utilize the Cabela's catalogue ordering system through the States.

3. Thousands of Canadians continue to receive the Cabela's seasonal and annual catalogues as they have previously ordered with Cabela's.

And again, I'm just curious and in no way deem this to be a critique. I will continue to watch the ACM shows irregardless whether I am eligible in the contest or not, as I truly find all the shows incredibly entertaining.


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This was brought up last year. I think there is a very reasonable explanation....but I can't remember what it was
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