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Old 03-21-2009, 05:14 PM
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Default don't know what team I'm on , but I got a bird

Oh woohooo....Yesterday i went to listen to see where my bird was, he was MIA, so I decided to see if I could roost a bird, I did, 2 of em, I was so torn, should I go after the ones that I roosted or go after my gobbler that I got on audio, the one I bonded with for weeks...I called Fl..she convinced me to go with my gut, because it's never wrong, lol...though I really wanted that one gobbler, it was heartbreaking to let him go....so I slept in the truck so I was the first one out there...I finally make my way down the trail and I run into a herd of cows bedded down, well I have to go through them, there's no going around them, so i made a noise and flashed them with my flashlight, you would of thought i started world war 3, the whole heard scattered, then I come face to face with this single cow down a ways , I had to stand my ground again, it freaked out and the whole heard that was hiding in silence spooked, I had cows running everywhere I know the 2 birds I roosted were not going to say a word, and they didn't...but I did hear one, so I went after him, then he shut up, so I worked him for about 2 hours, then I decided to move to my honey hole, where I should of been first thing.I cut 2 palmettos, stuck them in the ground and I did a yelp, then another, then blalalalaaaa, so I yelped again, blalalalala, dang it, I can't move,they're right there, coming in from side and behind me, so I lay down on my back,it's the best position I could get in with out moving too much and then I saw him, he's coming in strutting, then he'd go out of strut, go back in, he wasn't too sure about my decoy, but then he turned and was coming in about 10 yds. in front of me,now I have missed 2 birds in the past due to the fact that they were too close, so I'm like "aim low Casey", so I did ... as soon as he popped out behind the tree, I shot him, I rolled him head first, then i see a bird putting looking right at me, oh no, he's up, and I know I rolled him, this shoudn't be happening, so I go to shoot him again and my gun is jamming, then he flew up and landed behind a tree, I was losing my bird, how in the world is this happening, I was freaking out because he didn't look like he was wounded too bad, but he should of been ...then I see a head bobbin' out of the corner of my eye, it was my bird sitting there where I had dropped him but it was looking at me, so I shot him again and blew his eyeballs out , broke his beak in half, it was ugly, but it had to be done...i would usually run up and step on their neck but he was in the sitting position and I was afraid he was going to fly away, but anyway, Bird down....oh woohooooooo...hunting the Freakzone tomorrow.
This area is the same area I have killed now 4 birds in, each and every time I hunt there, i shoot a bird and then I think he's still alive, always turns out to be another bird that I didn't see with him and by the grace of God I have never made that 2nd shot or I'd have some explainng to do when I got to the check station, lol...
his stats are:Time of Day: 9:20 am
Weight 17.4 lb.
Beard Length - 9.75"
Right Spur - 1.25"
Left Spur - 1.0"

Happy Huntin' to all
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