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$2500 huh?

Internal thought process
Hmmmm... if I sold my bow, and my car...
but I kept 1 arrow and 1 broadhead...
then hitchhiked to Ohio...

I could stow-away in a train compartment... Yeah that might work..

Moose are basicly blind anyway so I guess I could sneak up and stab the moose... but then that wouldn't be very sportsman like. Plus I would smell like a train and moose hate that... I would lose my job and marriage...
END internal thought process

Gonna have to pass on that one... Sounds like a good deal though.
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Is that for a guided hunt or is he scalping the tag (if its even legal)?
Yeah its cold...Yeah we got snow...But we like it that way!

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Default Moose draws

My daughter and I both got drawn for antlerless moose here in Alberta, for the November 2008 season. We both connected within the first five days of the season. Mine was a 1 1/2 year old, but hers was a HOG!!!!!!! I'm just going by prior experience, as we've taken them in this size range before, and I've worked on lots of them while outfitting/guiding, but I would estimate that her moose was about 500 lbs, hanging on the hook - everything removed, ready to cut. Lots of work, but lots of prime meat.

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well trying again for maine.maybe this year?
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My 2009 application in the Ontario moose lottery doesn't have to be in until May 15th I believe. And like others from Ontario have mentioned, the system here is under review, and for good reason. It's lousy!

In the WMU (Wildlife Management Unit) that I typically hunt in, the alotted archery bull tags have been cut by over 60% or more in the past 4 or 5 years. It's actually harder to get a bull tag in the lottery, than it is to get a bull moose while bowhunting! Go figure!

My group application required something like 14 Pool #1 bull tag applications to guarantee a bull tag. The past couple years there was NO guaranteed size groups anymore. And yet every year that I go (cause I go whether I get a bull tag or not), I always see bulls.

But to remain in Pool #1, you have to keep playing the lottery every year by buying a moose licence and sending in your application. Talk about a money grab, or a "cash cow" for the government!

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